Good Samaritan Mission was established in the year 1994. Bro. S Peter Paul Raj was with Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity for 10 years. An inspiration during a religious retreat led Bro. Peter Paul Raj to believe that it was his calling, to work for the street children in Mumbai. Subsequently with Mother Teresa's blessings, he set out in May 26th 1994 to fulfill his mission with just Rs.5000 (not unlike Mother Teresa herself who had setout with just Rs.5 over 50 years earlier)

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About GSM

The broad objectives of the Project GSM - are as follows: The entire area will be dedicated for the welfare of multiple categories needy persons. But as a Non Profit Organization depending solely on donations from philanthropic individuals / organizations, it is impractical to attempt development of the entire 379 acres of land all by ourselves. The investment for the necessary infrastructure to cater to various categories of the disadvantaged persons would run into millions of rupees. We have identified the following as the target categories that the Project - would cater to once fully implemented functional :

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