Remember that this project will culminate in an international commune of socially conscious and active individuals and organizations.

  You can be a part of this too !

  If you are a Philanthropic Organization / Individual desirous of participating in this exciting venture, you can take up one or more specific category of people that you propose to serve.

  On receipt of your written expression of interest, we will send you the proposal details.

  If we mutually agree to the terms, the 5 acres plot will be assigned to you. Then the Project Cost will entirely depend upon you. Since you will be the one to decide, plan and design the entire infrastructure.

  Alternatively you can contribute towards the initial investments like land clearing & leveling or for some specific / general infrastructure development work. Every sizeable donation made specifically for a given infrastructure will be acknowledged by mentioning your / your organization's name on a stone plaque attached to that asset.

  You can thus have an entire block / building / street named after your loved one or yourself.

  You can make a donation of any amount convenient to you as often as possible using our online donation option.

  You could register yourself as a willing volunteer by emailing us your CV, specifying your area of expertise, period for which available and starting from when (for eg. You can specify : Architect, 3 months starting September 1st 2010). We will then revert back to you as and when the need arises.