Caring for Education

Good Samariton Mission is committed to provide quality education to the children of poor and recovered the children from the risky situation and rehabilitated through residential homes.There are four resrdential homes for children . Mother house, Silvano Nivas and Bal nivas are located at Vikroli and Gyan ashram is placed at Kalamboli. It is engaged in improving the quality of education in the area by promoting remedial school for the purposes of enhancing their quality learning. All relevant measures have been taken to stop child labour, dropout from the school, engaged the children in to rag picking.

Our Mission Activities

Mother House was the first house bought by the Mission. Initially, it was a small house in a quiet residential locality - Tagore Nagar, Vikhroli, at suburban Mumbai. The house now stands expanded with ground and first floor. The house accommodates currently 35 boys. The boys who stay there, are in the age group 8 - 20. There is a male caretaker with an assistant to care of the boys. Bro. Peter Paul has his room in this building. The guests too are accommodated here in decently furnished rooms.All the boys here go to school. A couple of the have completed their school final and go to high school.

There is a fair sized hall which is active in after school hours with the boys playing indoor games and in the evening when they all sit down to study with a dedicated tutor who lives with us along with her daughter in Bal Nivas.

This house was also purchased as a small tenement in Vikhroli just about 150 Mtrs. From Mother house and later expanded with an added first floor.

This house accommodates all the older girls. 35 girls stay in this house. All of them go to school. Two of them have completed their school final and go to high school. The girls are taken care of by Sangeetha who lost her first husband and was abandoned by her second was living on the Dadar station platform along with her daughter and son. Today her daughter Kavita is married and settled with her husband and her child at nearby Pune. Her son Vicky is undergoing training in refrigeration & airconditioning. There are two women to take care of the cooking for the girls.

This house is located on the same lane as that of the Mother House and is just a few doors away. This houses 15 small girls. They are looked after by a caretaker who is herself a destitute and stays there with her daughter. This caretaker not only helps these small girls with their daily routines but also tutors the boys at Mother House every evening. The food for these children comes from the Mother House daily.

Gyan Ashram As we were running short of space in Mumbai for accommodating children and because real estate prices were prohibitive within Mumbai, we decided to locate a larger capacity building in New Mumbai. Thus Gyan Ashram was inaugurated in early 2006.

This facility currently houses 35 young and old boys. These children attend school in nearby Government school in New Mumbai. Here we have children from Class II to Class X. They are managed by Mr. Anand an experienced person who used to earlier work at Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa's). He stays in the home and is assisted by a cook, an assistant and Mr. Khan who looks after the security.The building is three storied and has ample space for accommodating more children.

Vijay Ashram has a limited capacity and there is no scope for expansion in the existing location except vertically which is legally not allowed beyond the existing ground plus first floor. With growing number of destitute persons being brought in by us / social workers and the Police, we decided to have an additional home at Kalyan which is little over an hour's drive away from Vikhroli. This facility is built on _________ of land. The building itself is smaller and can accommodate about 15 persons only. We find the need to expand the facility here but are currently lacking the necessary funds for the same. This facility is managed by Mr. Shankar who is a local resident and stays with his family next door. He is assisted by a cook. A TV with cable connection is provided for entertainment.