The Project's size and its objectives on first glance would certainly appear rather ambitious.

   As a Non Profit Organization depending solely on donations from philanthropic individuals / organizations, it is impractical to attempt development of the entire 379 acres of land all by ourselves. The investment for the necessary infrastructure to cater to various categories of the disadvantaged persons would run into millions of rupees.

But, we firmly believe it is achievable if we team up with other philanthropic organizations / individuals.

  Secondly we would develop the entire area only in a phased manner.

  Accordingly, we have planned to develop about 140 acres of land first.

  We have decided to allot about 80 acres of land for landless farmers. 50 farmers would be provided with a decent shelter and about 1.5 acres of land each to live and till the land. We would be assisting them for the initial investment and also provide them a basic salary and a share on the proceeds of the land as an incentive. Their children will be educated by us. Their wives would be taught some other trade like handicrafts or tailoring to augment the family income. They would be encouraged to save a fixed amount every month. This assistance would be provided for them till the family is financially stable and are able to take care of themselves. Then the same land / house would be allotted to another landless farmer.

  Of the balance 60 acres of land we have planned to allot 5 acres of land to cater towards shelter, care & rehabilitation of each of the 11 target categories of needy persons.

  We are offering each of these 5 acres of land to other organizations / individuals internationally to develop and provide the necessary infrastructure to cater to each of the 11 targeted categories. The entire layout / design of buildings etc. would be left to the choice of the participating organization / individual. They cost for the same would be borne by them. They can appoint their own personnel from their country to manage the activities, provide their own staff accommodation etc. Any staff requirement from India would be provided by us. They can source and have volunteers from their own country or elsewhere to come, stay and work for them.

  Please note that the location of the land is near two major tourist attractions - Kovalam Beach (Trivandrum) and Kanyakumari (a beach at the point of confluence of the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal) as also close to Kerala (known as 'God's Own Country). So the participating organization / individual can promote tourism too from his / her / their country by providing guest houses for the tourists at nominal rates. This could well be one way to meet the expenses of the facility.

  Thus for a very nominal annual lease rental they get 5 acres of land to establish a facility to cater to needy persons of their choice the way they want. The land would be offered to them initially on a lease basis for a few years and subsequently for longer periods. They would have to share equally with other participating organizations / individuals on the common investments like roads and other infrastructures. The monthly expenses for utilities like electricity / water would also be payable according to usage.

  Most importantly, there would be a stress towards the entire project being green (hence the name) i.e. non-polluting (least carbon emission), energy saving by use of solar energy / wind energy / bio gas etc.

  More specific details of the Modus Operandi will be provided on receipt of a written expression of interest from any organization / individual specifying their area of interest.