We have, in our experience noticed that many destitute persons both normal and those with dangerous illnesses like HIV / AIDS, TB etc. do not really get a permanent solution for their problems. At best, they are accommodated in any hospice till they recover and then they are back on the streets. What they need is a shelter after they recover and planned rehabilitation. This is possible only if sufficient space and facilities are available. They can be gainfully employed (after necessary training), if physically fit or at least given a decent, healthy & pollution free environment with lot of open spaces and gardens etc to stay in for the rest of their lives. But, as you are aware the real estate prices are prohibitive in Mumbai and it is difficult to accommodate many such destitute in our existing facilities in Mumbai. This constraint for space and our desire to cater to more and more such needy persons has resulted in the purchase of this large tract of land near Vallioor in Tirunelveli District. The land already purchased in 2008 and available with us measures 379 acres and it is located on the main road linking Vallioor with Tiruchendur.

This is where we propose to establish the Project GSM - Greenland. The purpose of this project is to dedicate the entire area for the welfare of multiple categories of needy persons.