The broad objectives of the Project GSM - Greenland are as follows:

A. The entire area will be dedicated for the welfare of multiple categories needy persons.

  To rescue senior citizens from streets and public places.

  To provide food, clothing, shelter and medical care for Dying Destitute

  To refer the rescued senior citizens and mentally ill people to other services.

  To nurture the Orphan and Destitute children with love and care; providing Shelter, foods, clothes, medical aids and formal education

  To Uplift the downtrodden

  To train Developmental Skills for children to lead the life independently

  To provide relief measures for the needy people during natural calamities

  To provide training for women for income generation

  To conduct Career counseling for children and youth

In all the above cases from serial no. 1 through 10, services will be provided absolutely free to the persons identified as genuinely needy and qualified to receive such service.

All such persons accommodated will be suitably rehabilitated wherever possible. The children will all be provided education at least till they graduate.

All persons will be admitted into the project only if they accept to stay and benefit from it on their own free will.

In the case of serial no.11, such aged persons who are compelled to live alone because their children are staying faraway (maybe overseas) and are willing to pay for the required shelter & care will be accommodated. This option is included mainly because; they are increasingly becoming victims of crimes in big cities like Mumbai / Chennai etc.