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Good Samaritan Mission was established in the year 1994. Bro. S Peter Paul Raj was with Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity for 10 years. An inspiration during a religious retreat led Bro. Peter Paul Raj to believe that it was his calling, to work for the street children in Mumbai. Subsequently with Mother Teresa's blessings, he set out in May 26th 1994 to fulfill his mission with just Rs.5000 (not unlike Mother Teresa herself who had setout with just Rs.5 over 50 years earlier)

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About GSM Greenland Project

GSM Greenland Project The broad objectives of the Project GSM - Greenland are as follows: The entire area will be dedicated for the welfare of multiple categories needy persons. But as a Non Profit Organization depending solely on donations from philanthropic individuals / organizations, it is impractical to attempt development of the entire 379 acres of land all by ourselves. The investment for the necessary infrastructure to cater to various categories of the disadvantaged persons would run into millions of rupees. We have identified the following as the target categories that the Project - Greenland would cater to once fully implemented functional :

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Neither should an individual on earth ever lack the dignity and the basic necessities of life, nor should he die on the streets uncared for.

Our Mission Activities

Mother House

Mother House was the first house bought by the Mission. Initially, it was a small house in a quiet residential locality - Tagore Nagar, Vikhroli, at suburban Mumbai. The house now stands expanded with ground and first floor. The house accommodates currently 35 boys. The boys who stay there, are in the age group 8 - 20. There is a male caretaker with an assistant to care of the boys. Bro. Peter Paul has his room in this building. The guests too are accommodated here in decently furnished rooms.

All the boys here go to school. A couple of the have completed their school final and go to high school. There is also Pawan who came to the Mission as an abandoned child of about 5 years old from Dadar station. Todays he finished his graduation course in Arts and Business Administration

There is a fair sized hall which is active in after school hours with the boys playing indoor games and in the evening when they all sit down to study with a dedicated tutor who lives with us along with her daughter in Bal Nivas

There is a TV in the ground floor with cable connection for entertainment in specified hours usually when they all meet for dinner at 7 PM until about 10 PM.

Silvano Nivas

This house was also purchased as a small tenement in Vikhroli just about 150 Mtrs. From Mother house and later expanded with an added first floor.

This house accommodates all the older girls. 35 girls stay in this house. All of them go to school. Two of them have completed their school final and go to high school. Pappy who lives here has completed her graduation in Commerce and computer applications. At present she married and settled with her husband and child. There is another girl who is currently getting trained to be a nurse.

The girls are taken care of by Sangeetha who has been with Bro. Peter Paul for many years. Sangeetha who lost her first husband and was abandoned by her second was living on the Dadar station platform along with her daughter and son. Even her own family had abandoned her. Bro. Peter Paul saw them at the station and after getting to know her miserable state of affairs, offered them a place to stay. Today her daughter Kavita is married and settled with her husband and her child at nearby Pune. Her son Vicky is undergoing training in refrigeration & airconditioning. Sangeetha is a caretaker for the girls. There are two women to take care of the cooking for the girls.

Bal Nivas

This house is located on the same lane as that of the Mother House and is just a few doors away. This houses 15 small girls. They are looked after by a caretaker who is herself a destitute and stays there with her daughter. This caretaker not only helps these small girls with their daily routines but also tutors the boys at Mother House every evening. The food for these children comes from the Mother House daily.

Vijay Ashram

Bro. Peter Paul had for long wanted to also serve the destitute persons lying on the road uncared for. Mumbai, the commercial capital of India attracts people from all over India who come here in search of a living. The city already bursting at its seams in terms of infrastructure cannot realistically cope with such inflow of population everyday. Real estate prices have sky-rocketed and a poor person cannot afford housing even on a rental basis. Most such people wind up living on the streets, outside railway / bus stations, under the flyovers etc. There are many cases of elderly parents who are discarded by their own children and have no place to go. Many of the older persons fall sick and the Government Hospitals are also lacking in sufficient bed capacity. There are also people who are injured but with no proper treatment and no shelter their wounds get aggravated and they lie around on the streets. It was to cater to such disadvantaged and destitute persons, that Vijay Ashram was opened in the year 2004. This was again as per Mother Teresa's wish that no person should die on the street uncared and unloved. 'Providing dignity in life and in death' for such people is the main objective of Vijay Ashram. It is to be noted that many such old persons come / or brought to Vijay Ashram in their last stages when their illnesses is in such an advanced stage that recovery is rather difficult. All we can do in such cases is give them peaceful and decent last days and when they pass away, we perform their last rites according to their belief. Currently there are about 35 residents here. Mr. Francis Carmello, a retired civil engineer along with Anand an orphaned youngster who has been with the mission since child hood manages the facility with the help of Amar Bhai and Bengali Babu who bathe the geriatric persons some of whom cannot even stand up or walk and also wash their clothes etc. Jaan a youngster without his family stays here and voluntarily dresses the wounds of all patients as skillfully as a nurse. The cooking is done by workers. Thus this house is an example of how a group of young / middle aged / old persons who have no one to look after them live together and help one another in a wonderful environment of camaraderie. There is a TV with cable connection for the entertainment of the elderly gents. Till date (i.e. in little over 8 years) 1405 destitute males have been catered to. Of whom 470 have passed away in our care. There are many instances of the Mumbai Police department bringing such street dwelling seriously sick and wounded destitute persons from different parts of Mumbai because they cannot be accommodated in Government hospitals. Till date we have admitted 252 patients brought to us by the Mumbai Police Department. These patients stay till they recover and then they are discharged or assisted in reaching their hometown.

Computer training centre at mumbai

With increasing children, going to higher classes at school, it was decided to have a computer training centre for the children who live in our homes. This facility could also be used for some of the nearby slum children who show interest in learning computers. Accordingly, we now have 6 computers with internet facility through broadband connection. The children are encouraged to work on the computers in their free time.

Gyan Ashram-Kalamboli

Gyan Ashram As we were running short of space in Mumbai for accommodating children and because real estate prices were prohibitive within Mumbai, we decided to locate a larger capacity building in New Mumbai. Thus Gyan Ashram was inaugurated in early 2006.

This facility currently houses 35 young and old boys. These children attend school in nearby Government school in New Mumbai. Here we have children from Class II to Class X. They are managed by Mr. Anand an experienced person who used to earlier work at Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa's). He stays in the home and is assisted by a cook, an assistant and Mr. Khan who looks after the security.

The building is three storied and has ample space for accommodating more children. They also have a TV with cable connection for entertainment.

Silvano Shanthi Ashram:

Vijay Ashram has a limited capacity and there is no scope for expansion in the existing location except vertically which is legally not allowed beyond the existing ground plus first floor. With growing number of destitute persons being brought in by us / social workers and the Police, we decided to have an additional home at Kalyan which is little over an hour's drive away from Vikhroli. This facility is built on _________ of land. The building itself is smaller and can accommodate about 15 persons only. We find the need to expand the facility here but are currently lacking the necessary funds for the same. This facility is managed by Mr. Shankar who is a local resident and stays with his family next door. He is assisted by a cook. A TV with cable connection is provided for entertainment.

Good Samaritan Ashram-Chennai:

This is a facility which houses currently 11 boys and girls all of whom are from poor families. They stay there and go to school nearby. They are looked after by a lady, Mrs. Bosco who stays there with her college going daughter and a 30 year old son Euler Bosco who also helps in managing the Ashram. We plan to expand the capacity to house more children atleast about 30 children and are currently on the look out for sponsors.